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Our company is specialized in the production of plastic bags printing enterprise. With 1000 MM wide nine color composite machine, printing machine, computer eagerly machine, machine with doggy bag, PE film blowing machine, injection machine, blistering, PVC toys line dozens sets. The company product widely used in food, cakes, tea, fresh vegetables, aquatic products, frozen chicken, cosmetics, nonirritating could, pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, electronic, clothing, furniture, fishing gear, bags, wine, tires and other product packaging, can meet to be automatic packaging, high-temperature cooking sterilization, cold, vacuum preservation......

Full name: Qingdao hengliyuan plastic packing Co., LTD
Address: Qingdao Jiaozhou City  liuzhou road in the middle

Tel: 86-87293008 0532-82279692

Fax: 86-0532-82279029

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